The T&D Core Values

  • Honesty & Fairness
  • Teamwork & Cooperation
  • Dedication to Customer Needs
  • Meeting our Commitments


In real estate development, more than any other industry, time means money...big money. Delays measured in minutes can mean devastating losses counted in the millions. Untested companies might not have the resources and know-how to get the job done on time and on budget. How can you be sure?


T&D`s decades of valuable, pertinent experience building large-scale commercial and residential developments, in the fastest growing metropolitan area in the nation, gives us the resources and know-how to tackle any residential or commercial development project, no matter how large. Many of the time-saving, money-making construction process innovations employed by The Villages were ideas developed by T&D. These ideas were forged from their keen insight into the construction process; insight that allowed them to save money and improve efficiency. This hard-earned, proven the trust and confidence of.


When you dig below the surface, the advantages of using the T&D family of companies are immediately apparent. Rather than rely on outside contractors for supporting services, T&D has grown their own support mechanisms from within, boasting a family of 7 companies, covering services from preconstruction supply and distribution, to after-market additions and maintenance services, each supporting the other through the T&D network of people, warehousing, supply chain, distribution and retail facilities--each company working in harmony with the other, enabling you to get the job done faster, at less expense and with higher, more consistent quality than any other contractor can offer. Our successful experience is the foundation upon which your success will be built.


T&D pours its heart and soul into every project: concrete block work and poured wall construction, pools, patios, screen enclosures-our vast resources and thriving, rock-solid operations allow the T&D family of companies to hit the ground running.


T&D isn`t just a family of companies; it is a company of families. A company is no stronger than its people. Rest assured, you will receive the same loving attention from the same key players that built the T&D family of companies into the phenomenal success they are today. T&D`s philosophy of business can be summed up in its statement of core values: a set of fundamental principles that each employee is required to understand and live by, from the top division heads to the skilled artisans in the field.

Let T&D provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your project. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you.


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